On Levity

Boys Who Like Butterflies, October, 2010 

“Room to Recall a Sadness:

Leave Your Sorrow Behind You.

Remember the Innocence Inside You.”

On Levity was the progression of 2010’s The Transcendence Project. Keeping with our intention to draw from one’s memory of pain, a deeper memory of innocence, we created a city-wide intervention in collaboration with art happenings, Terrain and Riverspeak Art Collective’s “Kinetic” exhibit. The work centered on bubbles. Bubbles are made out of materials commonly associated with cleansing and are the product of personal intention and power (breath).

Our Artists’ Statement at the RiverSpeak Kinetic Exhibit. (photographed by Tiffany Patterson)

Tree stumps with mason jars of home-made bubbles and blow-wands were placed throughout the city’s down-town core for people to sit on and blow, connoting the remembrance of childhood innocence.

 At Terrain, we re-exhibited the object, Room to Recall a Sadness from The Transcendence Project. In front of a larger audience, with the addition of the bubbles, the piece took on greater meaning as visitors took residence in the box leaving behind their sorrow through images and text. One commenter commented, “It the most joyful saddest thing I’ve ever experienced.”

room to recall view
Room To Recall A Sadness on view @ Terrain ’10 (photographed by Cristie Dunavan)