Sky Songs

©2009 boys who like butterflies

Sky to Count the Stars with

A sky brought to a point. A good day to think of one’s childhood. Tonight, draw a horse on a swatch of cloth. Sew it to your pillow.


Sky to Think of Mother

Place two parallel lines on the floor. Stand in between them. Look up.


Sky to Remember One’s Innocence

Write down three questions you’ve never asked your father. Imagine the room is caving in.


Sky to Swallow Whole

Sky-catching with my mouth. (Another metaphor for breathing)


Sky to Recall a Moment with

A sky too far away. A good day to think on history. Today, cross out every sixth word that you read. Try making sense of the results.


Sky to Do the Impossible

Make an outline for the Universe. Do this in a room without distraction.


Sky to Grieve Under

A sky cut by emptiness. A good day to wish for rain. Today, make a circle someplace private and imagine all your fears inside of it.


Sky to Deliver the Mail

Count the number of letter carriers you see in a week. Collect that number of sky-pieces and send them to your friends.


Sky Painted Yellow

A happy sky. A good day to feel animate. Today, rearrange the furniture in your room.


Sky to Determine One’s Density

A sky seeming too oppressive. A good day to reach a summit. Today, eat nothing till supper time, then serve yourself the sky.


Sky to Imagine One’s Passing

A sky seen from inside four walls. A good day to touch death. Today, make a list of all the names of all the friends you’ve ever known.


Sky to Hammer a Nail in (for Yoko Ono)

A sky carved in wood. A good day to look up. Today hang your charms from your ceiling.


Sky to Solve a Problem with

When the sky clears, remember to breathe in again. If the clouds seem too heavy, it’s your brain needs exercise.


Sky for Recreation

Remembering how to fly is sometimes not as easy as getting back on one’s bike. So we think.


Sky to Confuse with Water

A sky mixed with earth. A good day to thirst. Today, be close to a body of water.


Sky to Fight with

A sky shaped awkwardly; a good day for righteous anger. Today, break something and creatively arrange the pieces.


Sky to Solve World Hunger

Make a small hole in the sky with your finger. Suck out all the flavor. Then ask yourself to feel better.

1. Do this three times a day.

2. Every time you feel hungry.

3. If the postal carrier forgets to stop at your door.


Sky to Shape

Feeling the air is a subtle way of saying, “hello,” to the sky. Today, go for a long walk and concentrate on the outlines of things taller than you, e.x. trees, buildings, people.


Sky to See One’s Self in

A sky glazed silver.  A good day to find reflections.  Today, write something in steam on a mirror.


Sky to Drink (but not feel drunk)

Water-violence: the myth that we are not the same, you and I.  Today, think good thoughts about the rain.


Sky Rising

Tired of feeling like we need more ladders in life? Are you? Climb a ladder to be sure.


Physical Sky

We are all just skin and bones and breath. (words for body and sky)


Sky to Say, ‘I Love You’

A sky marked by longing. A good day to move mountains. Today, say a prayer for someone far away.