LGBTQ Liberation


Celebrating queer pride and the preservation of LGBTQ safe spaces and culture are important parts of all aspects of my work.

I found my voice for this issue in college, when I co-chaired HERO, Gonzaga’s University’s Gay-Straight Alliance. After graduating, I was able to be out and proud in every line of work that I pursued. Often, I found myself helping straight co-workers connect with with the LGBTQ community and be better allies by facilitating training on LGBTQ terminology, safety, and allyship. As a certified trainer of the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence’s Anti-Oppression and Allyship training, I am able to provide tools for understanding oppression and actionable ways of dismantling it.

As a volunteer, I have worked with queer youth at Odyssey Youth Movement in Spokane, WA and served as a board member and board advisor to Q Center in Portland, OR. As an artist, projects like Rules, SEXT, and Collage all sprang from a desire to explore the experiences of LGBT and gender-noncoforming people.IMG_7123

I continue to center my experience as a member of the queer community in my work by providing training and advice to businesses on creating a more welcoming environment for all people.